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Our Staff

Miles Stone


Some would say I am obsessed with everything motorcycle. Over 30 years ago, to the disapproval of my mother, I pushed home my first bike: a 1972 Honda CB125s. A friend helped me rebuild the motor, I moved out of my parent’s house, and my life with motorcycles began. As a financially strapped young man I found forgotten bikes, moved them into my kitchen or bedroom and brought them back to life. As I made more money I bought nicer bikes but still rebuilt and maintained them, as well as my friends’ bikes, just because I loved doing it. I logged many miles across this country and others on a variety of bikes. The experienced riders, mechanics, and shop owners that I have known over the years have helped me follow my dreams on a motorcycle. Now I realize that being a part of the motorcycling community means giving back. Austin Moto Academy gives me the chance to share not only my knowledge, but my passion for bikes as well. I can talk motorcycles all day.

Vince Junod


I first rode motorcycles here in Austin in the early 90’s. After spending time in New York City and teaching English at Waseda University in Tokyo, I returned to Austin in 2010. It’s been great to be back in a place where I can camp, kayak, and ride motorcycles in my free time. I love teaching and have really enjoyed helping others learn to ride safely and responsibly.

Rob Carpenter


I have been riding motorcycles since I was 9 years old. I am a self-taught rider, as I started on a dirt bike in a plum orchard. I have ridden my motorcycle across the United States from coast to coast including many events and rallies. I currently own and ride Harley Davidson, Honda and Ducati motorcycles. I started coaching in 2017 and found that it is an amazing thing seeing a brand new rider who has never ridden a motorcycle before, take the first steps on their motorcycle journey. I have taught using the MSF programs beginner and intermediate classes. I am enthusiastic about coaching and hope to meet you on the range.

Jimmy Ledford


Originally from Michigan, I started riding motorcycles in 2003 when a friend let me ride his 1999 Suzuki GSXR 600. I immediately fell in love with riding. Shortly after I got my first bike and took my first Basic Riding course in Virginia to get my endorsement. Over the years I’ve had a variety of motorcycles. From 250cc-1300cc, and everything in between. Currently, I own a Ducati Hypermotard SP. I’ve been fortunate to be able to develop my motorcycle skills over the years through multiple riding courses, track time, racing, becoming a RiderCoach, and even living in multiple countries which allowed me to experience different perspectives/cultures of how they view motorcycles. I’m an avid trackday rider, and my passions include cars, bikes, and motorsports which always accompanies coffee. I love teaching motorcycle classes. I get to share my passion with others by showing how seriously fun it can be, but still being safe about it.

Randy Singleterry


I started riding motorcycles at 14. It was in the alley behind a friend’s house in Corpus Christi, Texas. I dropped that bike when I tried to turn around, burned my thigh, and I was hooked. I had to wait almost 14 years and two combat deployments before I could get legally licensed to ride on the road. I was gone after that, I have owned all styles of motorcycles since then. I’m currently on a 2015 Harley Davidson FXDB (Dyna Street Bob). I started coaching in 2021 while I was on Active Duty serving in Italy in the United States Air Force. It was for completely selfish reasons and completely voluntary. I did it to provide me a sense of happiness via sharing my love of motorcycles to my Airmen and other service members. When I moved back to Texas, I decided to turn my motorcycle volunteerism into a full time job. I teach motorcycle safety, because I love motorcycling. I want to pass that passion for life I found in motorcycling to anyone who is open to life on two wheels.

Sandra CulhaneSandra Culhane
11:19 04 Nov 22
Highly recommend Rob as an instructor. He was clear in his directions and took a varied class of some with no riding experience to those with riding experience and just wanting a license -to all being able to ride and navigate the skills. He is very patient and could identify problems and coach solutions. Rob has a lifetime of experience riding different bikes, and he is a great teacher. I enjoyed the class and would come back for the next class to continue to improve my riding skills.
Raven CorreaRaven Correa
18:48 29 Sep 22
Signed up for the MSF course after obtaining my Honda Shadow Aero and didnt know what to expect. I had a small class and Rob was our instructor, he was nothing short of amazing! He is a very knowledgeable individual that really can see what you're struggling with and provide quick and effective tips to help you succeed. I feel incredibly comfortable and confident when riding thanks to him.
Edward ChoiEdward Choi
21:51 04 Sep 22
Best beginner friendly riding school I've ever taken!I took this over Total Rider and Riding Academy at Harley Davidson because the schedule was flexible. This school allowed you to skip the in-class session by taking eCourse and bringing the certificate on the first day of riding class.The instructor, Rob, was pretty chill and open-minded. He taught everyone with patience every time we made mistakes. He also shared his motorcycle journey with us, which I listened to as a lesson.Long story short, everyone in class passed the test! He went over the courses to make sure everyone understand the instructions.If you're looking for a riding academy to get a motorcycle endorsement, this is the place for you. And make sure you practice your balance, brake, and clutch skills with your bicycle before you enroll in the class. It will help you ride a motorcycle (I'm dead serious).
Julia WolfeJulia Wolfe
14:40 07 Jun 22
Vince is such a fantastic instructor and I only have positive things to say about our experience! My sister and I signed up for the Basic Riders Course with zero motorcycle experience. By the end of the 2 day course and lots of “hands on” drills on the motorcycles, we felt SO much more confident in our driving abilities.Vince always gave great feedback and never “mansplained” anything to us which I really appreciated. Great guy, great class and SO much fun learning a new skill.
Nicholas KingNicholas King
23:31 31 Jan 22
Had a fantastic experience taking the Basic Rider course this past weekend. Our instructor, Rob, was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and supportive - all traits that were on display the entire weekend. His encouragement was exactly what was needed as everyone in the class was struggling through learning a new skill (myself included!).Rob made the both the written and riding portions of the class engaging through examples, demonstrations, and personal anecdotes. His passion for motorcycles is palpable and it makes the class that much more enjoyable. We had varying skill levels in my class of eight, and everyone learned something and became a stronger rider. This (new) location was a great environment to learn in, too. It's easy to find if you are in the general area (I was nervous I may miss it since Google Maps is a bit off). It is basically the only large, paved area around (attached a picture just in case it helps for triangulating). It was a great space to learn, without being bothered by cars or other distractions. Would highly recommend the Austin Moto Academy + Rob!