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Our Staff

Miles Stone


Some would say I am obsessed with everything motorcycle. Over 30 years ago, to the disapproval of my mother, I pushed home my first bike: a 1972 Honda CB125s. A friend helped me rebuild the motor, I moved out of my parent’s house, and my life with motorcycles began. As a financially strapped young man I found forgotten bikes, moved them into my kitchen or bedroom and brought them back to life. As I made more money I bought nicer bikes but still rebuilt and maintained them, as well as my friends’ bikes, just because I loved doing it. I logged many miles across this country and others on a variety of bikes. The experienced riders, mechanics, and shop owners that I have known over the years have helped me follow my dreams on a motorcycle. Now I realize that being a part of the motorcycling community means giving back. Austin Moto Academy gives me the chance to share not only my knowledge, but my passion for bikes as well. I can talk motorcycles all day.

Bryce Gross


I come from a two wheeled family with a grandfather that was an avid cyclist, and parents that were avid motorcyclists. My first motorcycle came at age 8 (Suzuki RM 80) in which I rode through the countryside in the Irish Hills of Michigan. My first street bike came at age 16 (Yamaha FZ 700). At 19 I rode this bike from Michigan to California, shortly after which I turned a Suzuki GSX-R 750 into a race bike used to compete in amateur road races. Moving on to the pro ranks I raced a Yamaha R6, Yamaha R1, GSX-R 600, and a big bore GSX-R 1100 and competed at tracks across America.

No stranger to the standard, touring or cruiser world, I have ridden multiple Harley Davidsons around the Hawaiian Islands, BMW’s around the Great Lakes, and Supermotos around the Texas Hill Country.

I have been a MSF certified RiderCoach since May of 2008.

Vince Junod


I first rode motorcycles here in Austin in the early 90’s. After spending time in New York City and teaching English at Waseda University in Tokyo, I returned to Austin in 2010. It’s been great to be back in a place where I can camp, kayak, and ride motorcycles in my free time. I love teaching and have really enjoyed helping others learn to ride safely and responsibly.