Intermediate Class Info

The Intermediate Class is for those that are already competent riders but need a license or a ticket dismissed. We recommend that you bring your own bike and gear for the class, but we have bikes and gear available if needed. Riders who choose to use their own motorcycles must show proof of vehicle ownership, registration, insurance and pass a safety inspection that includes tire condition, controls, lights, etc. prior to start of class. Riders must wear long sleeves, jeans or similar, and have boots or shoes that come up over the ankle bone. Thin canvas Converse high-tops and similar are not allowed.

Required gear (your or ours):

  • Helmet, DOT or SNELL approved
  • Gloves, full-fingered any material
  • Eyewear, sunglasses, prescription, and safety glasses

DISCLAIMER: Do not sign up for this class if you are not ready to pass a simple riding skills evaluation. The first riding exercise tests the rider’s basic ability to operate a motorcycle. Should you not show basic proficiency, you will be asked to leave the class with no refund available. If you are unsure of your ability, we recommend the Basic Rider Class.

The Intermediate Class is $250


3-hour eCourse to be completed before coming to class

8:00am-1:30pm Riding/paperwork

2:30pm-4:00pm Classroom (outside)


**You must be 18 or over to take the Intermediate Class.